Friday, August 17, 2012

Stressful Situations & Friday Letters

Today was one heck of a day. After working with my sweet little darlings this morning I was on my way home and witnessed something you don't ever wanna see happen to anyone. I watched a teenage girl get hit by a car while on her bike. I immediately slammed the car into park and called 911 and screamed to the other witness "DO NOT MOVE HER" (Thank gawd he listened) As I was on the phone with 911 (They had to transfer  me from the state police to the local police) I noticed a police car just up the road. I started Jumping up & down waving my arms to get his attention (It worked).

While waiting for the fire department and Ambulance the girls brother comes down to see what is going on (they live right there) and see's that it is his sister that was hit by a car. He starts screaming at the lady that hit her. Not so nice things and threatening her with "you'll be sorry you did this", "I am 23 and I have never hit anyone" ect.. The medic's and police sent him away! He calls the father and the father comes down  and is angry! He is more angry then trying to help his daughter. With everyone preoccupied with the daughter he mouths to the driver "You will be sorry for what you have done, I will make sure of it." I had to immediately tell the officer I was scared for the driver. I did get some news about the girl she is going to be ok! They are keeping her overnight for observation. 

To the driver's defense- I did not see the girl on the bike either until the driver hit her. She came out from behind a big full size pick-up truck to cross the road.  And she had NO helmet on!

I thank gawd for my first aid and cpr training that enabled me to keep calm in such a stressful situation. 

How do you think that you would have been able to handle the situation? 



Dear Truck, Please treat us well on our way to Pennsylvania!

Dear Weather, Please stay beautiful for the whole weekend!

Dear Nerves, Stay at bay while we go white water rafting! 

Dear Hubby, Thank you for working tirelessly to get the camper ready for this weekend!

Dear Blog Followers, Thank you for posting about my 100 follower giveaway. Feel free to keep posting it again! You rock!

Dear Puppies, I hope you have an awesome time at doggie resort for the weekend!

Dear Resume, Please find your way to the top of the "Call for an interview" pile! 

Dear K's & Firsties, I have truly enjoying having you for summer school this year. 

Dear Co-Worker, I hope both your interviews go smoothly tomorrow! And  that you are able to have a classroom of your own!

Dear Girl that was hit by a car, I hope you are feeling better! But next time you ride please wear a helmet and don't come out from behind a car where no one can see you. 

I am off for the weekend to go white water rafting in Pennsylvania! See you all when I get back! 

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  1. That is awesome you were able to remain so calm in that situation! What a good person you are! I would have done the same thing. I hope the girl who was hit feels better soon. :)