Thursday, August 2, 2012

SO Frustrated!!! & Blog Hop!

Have you ever been so frustrated that you just wanna scream??!?!?!?!

I am at that point right now!!

We have an 16x32 in-ground pool in our back yard (it came with the house). We have had tons of problems with it this year since we bought the house. The first year we bought our house the pool pump died, luckily the home warranty covered the pump! Now........We had to have some plumbing fixed and now we are losing water and gaining sand in the bottom of our pool. So we think that we have a leak that is also bringing sand in. The soil on our lot is sandy!

So here is the dilemma: do we get it fixed? All of the pluming is underground OR do we dismantle the pool and fill it in???? Either way it is a HUGE expense!

It's the beginning of August and I have my wonderful part-time job doing math and literacy intervention but I want my a classroom to call my own and to be working full-time!!. Here in Michigan there are literally 1000's of people that apply to each teaching position that is posted! How can I get my resume to stand out? Any tips or tricks? hmmmmmmmmmmm scratch that I'm going to make this part a post of it's own!

So anyways......there is also a Mingle with us blog hop!!!

Each week we will choose one blog at random to spotlight at the next week's blog hop.
This weeks guest host is Deep in the Heart of Arkansas
Happy Go Lucky

There are no rules to this blog hop. Just link up your blog's m
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