Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have been MIA!

Things have been in transition for over a month now. We are so busy here that I haven't had time to post! My 12 yr old son has always been interested in anything transportation. Trains, planes, cars ect..... Trains and planes being his passion. For as long as we have been going to local air shows he has been interested in the kids that work the air shows in their bdu's. So we checked out our local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron back in October once Nathan turned 12. He fell in looooooooooooooooooooooooove with it!!!! And wanted to join right away. You may no be familiar with CAP. 

Off of our Squadron's Website! CAP's cadet program trains young men and women in teamwork, moral leadership, aerospace education, technical skills to support emergency services, and military history and customs. Through national encampments, a college and flight training scholarship program, and the International Air Cadet Exchange, CAP cadets broaden their horizons, learn to assume responsibility, feel self-confidence and set goals for their lives. Spend your spare time with like-minded guys and girls, ages 12 to 21, doing volunteer work that really helps your community. At Civil Air Patrol's weekly meetings, you'll learn teamwork and leadership skills that will serve you from now on. As you progress through CAP's multi-level cadet training, you'll learn the principles of aviation and aerospace flight. You'll learn about rocketry and physics through hands-on experiments. You can even get a taste of military life, and learn about military history, customs, drills and inspection. You could end up in one of the top squads in the nation if you advance to the most elite competition for CAP cadets, National Cadet Competition.

We decided to join as a family. They are many opportunities for adults too!! Here are some of the awesome things we have done so far!

This is Operation Good Cheer! The Michigan Wing CAP cadets and seniors helped to load bags of gifts on to trucks and plane so all the kids in the foster care system would have a great Christmas. We loaded thousands and thousands of give for about 4600 kids in foster care. It was an awesome experience!!! 


Then for Veterans day we participated in a ceremony in Birmingham  MI! (My son in white) He didn't have his uniform yet but he wanted to be there!!

On December 15th we participated in Wreaths Across America. We were able to honor over 5000 veterans at the Great Lakes National Cemetery  We are honoring all veterans and active military by placing wreaths on the headstones of veterans. The fresh evergreens are a symbol used for centuries to recognize honor, and a living tribute renewed annually. 

This past weekend my son was able to participate in his first Orientation  Flight. OMG!! He was in heaven. He was able to help fly the plane, learn about the instrument panel ect....

I have also been on the hunt for a new job! I love my job I just need to be working full-time! This has been a very frustrating hunt! I have had many interviews and been down to another candidate and I and well I lost out! I know when the time is right there will be a position for me! But it is still so frustrating!

Need Help!

Sorry I haven't posted in FOReverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Things have been busy around here! I have a few things I would like to post on TPT and need 3 people to take a look over them for me for mistakes and to make sure they play the right way!

They are preK/K alphabet recognition games.

Thank you so much!!