Thursday, February 28, 2013

Check out these awesome giveaway & my snow day off!

Yesterday we had a snow day! We got about 6 inches of heavy wet snow. The main roads were great but the side roads were horrible. My son and I took some time to head to Kensington Metropark. We went to take some pictures and go for a walk. Here are just a few pictures that I took yesterday! Many of the song birds will eat seed right out of your hands! It's so cool!

Alyssha over at Teaching and Tapas has an awesome giveaway. K-3rd grade.  
K pack- 15 products
1st grade- 28 products
2nd grade- 29 products
3rd grade- 18 products

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Checkout these awesome giveaways!!

Creative Education Concepts is having an awesome giveaway!! Head on over and check it out!

We took a mini-vacation from Wed through yesterday. We went to Cleveland for some family fun and relaxation. We had a blast! Just so sad that mid-winter break ends so quickly! Time to head back to work tomorrow! I will work on a post last today highlighting our trip, we went to the aquarium, science center and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We also went to see the Brandywine falls in Cuyahoga National Park! I can't wait to edit my pictures and post them. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Freebie!

I threw together a quick little freebie for my Kinder Friends for Valentines Day and thought I would share it with all of you :-) You can grab it from my TPT store for free!

It's been a busy week. We have had 100's day and now Valentine's Day. Our playground has been a disaster from all the snow, rain and now snow melt that the kids have been stuck inside for 2 days. They are a little extra squirmy. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yeah!!! It's Currently Time!!

I love this time of month! I haven't participated in a few months but better late than never!

Listening to: Phillip Phillips -LOVE his new CD.  Man on the Moon is one of my favorite songs!

Loving the that our foyer and living room floor is finished! It turned out awesome!!! Now all we have left to do is our stairs and upstairs hallway. The stairs will take some time. We tore carpet off and the stairs underneath were not to pretty. So we are replacing the treads and risers. I have to stain the treads but finding the "right" color has been a pain. I think I have it now. It is a mixture of 2 different color stains. 

Thinking:  That I need to find a workout buddy. I want to work out but I hate doing it by myself. I know that I need to loose weight but it's discouraging when hubbs comes home "I lost 2 lbs this week" He can work out at work on his lunch. I have a gym membership but don't have the extra money to pay a trainer. 

Wanting:  I want to get more stuff finished and uploaded to my store. It's a motivation and time thing. We have been working on our floors and painting ect. So it hasn't left much time for anything else!

Needing: I need to update my resume. There are several teacher job fairs coming up here in Michigan that I want to attend. I love my job but I need something full time.