Saturday, August 4, 2012

Resume Question and other stuff!

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On another note!!! I have a HUGE question for you. I'm sure other new graduates, teachers out of work ect will find this post helpful too!


  • I graduated in June 2010 with a degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Early Childhood Ed and Language Arts. 
  • My current job title is Title 1-Math and Literacy Instructor. Which I LOVE!!
  • I am paid hourly which is good and bad. The bad is that I don't get a pay check in the summer. Because if you are paid hourly they have to pay you for the time you worked every pay period and not hold anything back for summer pay (gotta love laws). 
  • I LOVE my job but I don't have my own classroom and it's only part-time. 
  • I'm NOT complaining about it! But I want to be full-time too!
Here in Michigan there are literally 1000's of people that apply to each teaching position that is posted! How can I get my resume to stand out and set myself apart from all the other applicants? Any tips or tricks?

Please pass this post around I would LOVE to have tip and tricks from seasoned teachers, hiring committee's administrators ect...........

Thanks! Cindy


  1. I so wish I could help you out! When I was looking for a job 15 years ago, I was in the same boat. I long term subbed, making only $50 a day with no benefits. My experience is what got me the job. That and the fact that two teachers in my grade level were leaving.

    Quick question: How did you get your blog to be so wide? I so want mine to be like this!

    I am your newest follower! Stop by anytime!
    Reading Toward the Stars!

    1. I set up my blog to be a three column blog and you can adjust it all in the settings! The blog background I have is also setup for a 3 column blog! I subbed during college as well!

  2. Hi Cindy !
    I serve on the hiring committee at my school, and the past couple of years, we've received resumes with DVD/CD portfolios with them. They were not long..maybe 8-10 slides..that included each part of the resume on each page, plus pictures of specific things the applicant wanted to highlight and show off about them. They were great, and really got my administrator's attention. Don't know if that's something you could try & send out to schools, but thought I'd share :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. i went to school for teaching too and would love to be in the classroom... life has got in the way though... long story! haha but someday I hope to be doing it :) I went to school for secondary!

    my GFC has been acting up, but it let me follow you through GFC using my twitter... who knew you could do that?!