Saturday, September 22, 2012

Haven't posted in awhile!

I am sorry I haven't posted anything substantial in a while. But I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer or Negative Nelly. I have applied for many jobs over the last few weeks from many I don't hear anything until you get the general rejection letter through email. The one I am most mad hurt about is a interview I had with my own district. I have been with my district for almost 2 years doing sm. group intervention, summer school and before/after school tutoring. I have gone above and beyond in everything I do. I was told after my interview that I didn't have enough classroom experience. 

Anyways............. yes it makes me angry to think that was I do is NOT valuable enough experience for them to give me a job in a classroom. I am to the point that I know that I will go no where in the district that I am in and have to find greener pastures. Until then I will continue to look for a job and continue to do my job well. 


Last weekend my son went on a boy scout camping trip. They spent 4 hours canoeing on Sat. I met them for lunch and to take some pictures! They had a blast! 

Nate is in the front of the canoe with the hat on!

Listening contently to his scoutmaster. I wish he would listen to me like that!

Nate with his canoe buddy Josh! They had a blast together!

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