Sunday, September 27, 2015

BIC is the best!

It's that time of year again!! Back to school! I am so excited to team up with BIC again this year to help show the importance of handwriting. 


The awesome folks over at BIC sent me some great products to review. I am always willing to try out new school supplies! Here is a picture their back to school line-up:

BIC’s 2015 Back-To-School Line Up...

BIC Xtra-Fun #2 Pencil: The only #2 pencil with two-toned color barrels. The product features ultra-solid, break resistant lead and is easy to erase with its latex-free erasers.

My students enjoy having these in our writing center!

BIC Xtra-Craze Mechanical Pencil:
The BIC Mechanical Pencil is celebrating its 30th birthday in style with new, fun, custom-designed patterns that are sure to make any student stand out this school year. Whether taking a test with its strong, #2 lead or simply doodling, this pencil is perfect for any type of writing!

My students are to young for mechanical pencils BUT as a teacher I love them! They write so smoothly! And would wouldn't love the colors?

BIC Brite Liner Erasable Highighter: The BIC Brite Liner Erasable Highlighter features a highlighter on one end and an erasing ink tip on the other end for fast and easy edits. The florescent yellow ink makes bold, vivid highlights; perfect for the diligent, note-taking student.

My favorite product in the pack was these new erasable highlighters. How often do students make mistakes with their highlighting and need to erase? These will really come in handy.

BIC Cristal Stylus: The BIC Cristal Stylus gives you the best of both worlds! One end features a lightweight stylus that easily glides across tablet and smartphone screens, providing fingerprint-free precision and control. The other end is an iconic BIC Cristal pen!

My students LOVE to use these on the i-Pad's that we have in our room! Of course I love being able to use them too!

BIC Atlantis Ultra Comfort Pen: New to the popular BIC Atlantis pen franchise for 2015 is the BIC Atlantis Ultra Comfort Pen, which features BIC’s exclusive ink system for even smoother ink compared to BIC’s classic ink system. Students will find their ideas flowing freely with this pen, which also includes an extra soft silicone grip that conforms to your hand for the ultimate writing experience.
The BIC Atlantis pen writes so well! Its my favorite lesson planning pen!!


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