Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So I have neglected to blog this summer!

Not really neglected but made a conscious choice not to blog. I didn't have anything nice to say about teaching, my job ect.... I still don't but I will get through it. Needless to say I am in a new position within my district (not by choice). I am now a preschool para. I am still looking for a full-time teaching position. This summer I have taken the time to focus on my photography. I have always LOVED photography and my camera goes with me wherever I go. Here are just a few wildlife shots from that last few weeks.


Not only do I LOVE landscape and wildlife I love to take pictures of kids, families ect... The only photography job I wont take on now is a wedding. While I love weddings I just don't have the experience yet. I plan on second shooting with other photographers before taking them on myself. 


I did take an awesome PD course over the summer though--It was SIOP training. In my district and many around me have a huge population of ELL students. I was contacted by BIC this past week and given the opportunity to review their new highlighter tape. OMG this stuff is awesome! It works just like whiteout tape. I will have a review coming soon once school starts!!!

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  1. Beautiful photographs! Best of luck in your new position and I hope you find the full time job you are hoping for!
    My Heart Belongs in First