Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yeah!!! It's Currently Time!!

I love this time of month! I haven't participated in a few months but better late than never!

Listening to: Phillip Phillips -LOVE his new CD.  Man on the Moon is one of my favorite songs!

Loving the that our foyer and living room floor is finished! It turned out awesome!!! Now all we have left to do is our stairs and upstairs hallway. The stairs will take some time. We tore carpet off and the stairs underneath were not to pretty. So we are replacing the treads and risers. I have to stain the treads but finding the "right" color has been a pain. I think I have it now. It is a mixture of 2 different color stains. 

Thinking:  That I need to find a workout buddy. I want to work out but I hate doing it by myself. I know that I need to loose weight but it's discouraging when hubbs comes home "I lost 2 lbs this week" He can work out at work on his lunch. I have a gym membership but don't have the extra money to pay a trainer. 

Wanting:  I want to get more stuff finished and uploaded to my store. It's a motivation and time thing. We have been working on our floors and painting ect. So it hasn't left much time for anything else!

Needing: I need to update my resume. There are several teacher job fairs coming up here in Michigan that I want to attend. I love my job but I need something full time. 


  1. Found you via Currently. Job searching is so much work!! I bet you'll find something awesome though!
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. I love Phillip Phillips! I was cheering for him all the way through Idol. I know he is young, but this 45 year old thinks he is adorable!

  3. I grew up in a really snowy area - and I agree with bad snow drivers! What is the rush worth hurting yourself and others?